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C-112-25 Central Fire Sprinkler


C-112-25 Central Fire Sprinkler

These Central brand C-112-25 covers are no longer made. They are hard to find because the old fire sprinkler manufacturer Central, changed the sizes of this model escutcheon over the 50+ years they were in business. However, they did not change the part number printed on the metal cover itself. This means that two covers bearing the same C-112-25 can be different sizes, if they are from different eras.

Our closest match to this item can be found here. It works for about 73% of people. Please verify your dimensions before purchasing.

Another product we offer that has helped a smaller percentage of people is just using the outer ring of our standard semi-recessed covers. You would simply discard the innermost piece that is in the picture. Picture #2 on the product page is a size diagram.

If neither of the products above would completely cover the existing holes, you can add an "oops ring". These come in two sizes to fit both the 401 style and semi-recessed style escutcheons. They are available in chrome and white.

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