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Flex Drop Fire Sprinkler

Braided Unbraided Elbows


An Alternative to Aquaflex, Easyflex and Sprinkflex.

  • Our Quick Connect has been approved as an equal to name brands.
  • As with most brands, both the braided and unbraided are UL Approved, but only the braided is FM Approved.
  • Install fire sprinklers in drop ceilings in nearly 1/4 of the time.
  • Sprinkler Flex Drops designed for wet and dry fire suppression systems
  • Cross Ref: Victaulic AquaFlex AQB Series and Viking VKFD28B
  • Install that last few feet in under two minutes with Argco Sprinkler Flex Drops.
  • Rated Pressure: 175 PSI. Maximum Ambient Temperature: 225 (F), 17 ©. Maximum Sprinkler K-factor for ½ in. outlet: 5.6 gal/mm/(psi)^½. Maximum Sprinkler K-factor for ¾ in. outlet: 8.0 gal/mm/(psi)^½. Minimum bend radius: 8 in/200mm

Includes Flexible Tube, Nut, Isolation Ring, O-Ring, Reducer, Nipple, Center Bracket, End Bracket, and Square Bar.


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