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Fire Sprinkler Flex Drops


Flexible Fire Sprinkler Drops

If you think that high-quality fire sprinkler flex drops will burn a hole in your pocket, or have been unable to find a trusted, licensed and insured provider flex hoses in your area, then you have not tried these Flexible Fire Sprinkler Drops yet. Available in all major sizes and variants, these are the most affordable and effective of ways to keep your home safe and meet all quality and safety standards.

The Flexible Fire Sprinkler Drop is available in two variants- the Unbraided UL Listed and the Braided, which is UL listed as well as FM approved. The Unbraided has connects that are made using a corrugated metal hose, while the braided variant has a corrugated inner hose along with braided stainless steel making up the outer hose. The available sizes start from 2” and go up to 72” in length, along with ½ and ¾” NPT sizes available as well.

Both the sprinkler droops are covered by the Liberty Mutual Insurance®, and are made with unsurpassable integrity. The Argco Satisfaction Guarantee also backs these sprinkler drops. Flexhead® licenses them for sale in the United States. They are also UL listed for possessing the best flow in their category. From the cost point of view, the Unbraided Flex Connects cost comparatively less than their braided counterparts.

In order to know if these Argco flex heads are the ideal choice for your project, you can simply submit them along with the submittal package that can be obtained on request. This will help you in making the right choice that is backed by an experienced processional.

In addition to the high-quality construction that accompanies these sprinklers, what also makes them the best in class is that every connection comes with a maximum of 90 degree turns, thus helping it cover the maximum area. The flexhead is designed for both wet as well as dry fire suppression mechanisms. The construction and design quality helps in ensuring that they can be installed in less than 1/4th of the time.

All related guidelines must be checked before installing the sprinkler drops. If they are to be configured in suspended ceilings, then certain jurisdictions may also require a structural engineer’s stamp that verifies that the particular ceiling is in compliance with ASTM C 635 AND C 636. One example where this stamp is mandatory is San Francisco.

A common question that many have while configuring sprinkler drops is the requirement of elbows. In most cases, elbows on the sprinkler drops are not required as long as the minimum turn radius is being taken care of.

If you are new to all of this, then you may be a little hesitant about going ahead with any type of purchase. You can check out the detailed product information as well as engineering tips to understand as to what makes Flexible Fire Sprinkler Drops the best choice for you. You can also get the most accurate idea of the best available price by sending in a mail and requesting for a firm quote. For the best quality, value for money and safety- Flexible Fire Sprinkler Drops are easily among the best choices.